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Visitor Location Schedule

Guide Derek Oobagooma and visitors at a rock art site

It is noted on the Transit Permit that visitors need to be respectful of the Traditional Owners wishes outlined on the Dambimangari website. This website contains a list of sites (the Visitor Location Schedule) where visitors have Traditional Owner permission to access if they have obtained a Transit Permit. The sites listed in the schedule have been identified by visitors as places where tourists have been going in the past (mostly without the required permission) and would like to continue to access in the future to enjoy a mix of natural, cultural and historic visitor experiences. For cultural reasons not all sites previously accessed by visitors are on the schedule.

The map below identifies 75 popular places to visit in Dambimangari country. If you want to take a closer look, click on a sector of particular interest to enlarge the map and make it easier to locate the relevant sites. The numbers correspond to list in the following table, which includes relevant location co-ordinates. The table also lists areas on Aboriginal Reserves, requiring visitor permits from the Department of Aboriginal Affairs.

Details of the permit requirements for Native Title and Aboriginal Reserve areas are outlined in the section headed Accessing Aboriginal Reserves.

If you would like to visit a site which is not listed on the schedule map, click here to get a special arrangement request form. More details are outlined in the special arrangements section following the schedule table. (See below).

Please be aware that Dambimangari country is a remote and dangerous place and all visitors to country are responsible for their own safety. By Traditional Owners allowing you to continue to visit these sites does not necessarily mean that it is always safe to do so. Entering any site on the Visitor Location Schedule is done entirely at your own risk.

Site Number Site Experience Site Name Location Coordinates Aboriginal Reserve Land
1 Beach Cone Bay S-16.496853 E123.586607 *
2 Beach Gugeri's Camp S-16.442530 E123.574300 *
3 Beach Dunvert Is. S-16.29118 E123.519154  
4 Beach Strickland Bay (2) S-16.281261 E123.550052  
5 Beach Strickland Bay (1) S-16.305913 E123.572227 *
6 Beach Next to Yamariyamir beach S-16.177521 E123.558516 *
7 Beach Yamariyamir S-16.179148 E123.566328 *
8 Beach Conilurous Is, Margaret's Beach (Woodhouse Point) S-16.148398 E123.590581  
9 Beach Yawunjarla (Myridi Bay Beach - outside mouth) S-16.160939 E123.626537 *
10 Historic Wotjulum landing area S-16.229277 E123.628398 *
11 Historic Wotjulum Mission Ruins S-16.24969 E123.65028 *
12 Freshwater Crocodile Creek S-16.164178 E123.676414 *
13 Beach Beach (West of Silver Gull Ck.) S-16.154745 E123.691861 *
14 Freshwater Silver Gull Creek S-16.194223 E123.697907 *
15 Beach Nares Point (north) S-16.131879 E123.705223 *
16 Beach Nares Point (south) S-16.141582 E123.719672 *
17 Beach The Sisters Is. S-16.154003 E123.835436  
18 Freshwater Talbot Bay Creek (incl. falls) S-16.317286 E123.796158 *
19 Freshwater Banyan Creek (Dugong Bay) S-16.393531 E123.902607 *
20 Freshwater Garaan ngarrim S-16.367634 E123.92613 *
21 Freshwater Surprise Falls S-16.350864 E124.127765 *
22 Freshwater Marnbullom (Shack Creek) S-16.353272 E124.464355 *
23 Freshwater Secure Bay Creek S-16.446261 E124.409302  
24 Freshwater Walcott Creek S-16.417356 E124.464355  
25 Beach Beach (NE of Rankin Is.) S-16.30752 E124.403181  
26 Freshwater Little Ruby (Sapphire) Falls S-16.112091 E124.641424  
27 Freshwater Ruby Falls S-16.086862 E124.666890  
28 Beach Ngumbirri (Beach, Ruby Falls area) S-16.034813 E124.584067  
29 Freshwater Serendipity Falls S-15.977100 E124.644523 *
30 Cultural Sale River Gorge (Dambimangari section) S-16.010633 E124.712413 *
31 Beach Sale River Rainforest S-16.027238 E124.763784 *
32 Freshwater Sale River Rainforest S-16.027082 E124.764698 *
33 Beach Ngumbree (Raft Point) To be accessed only when accompanied by an authorised Traditional Owner guide S-16.067893 E124.445898  
34 Cultural Ngumbree Cave (art site) To be accessed only when accompanied by an authorised Traditional Owner guide S-16.07794 E124.469152  
35 Beach Kingfisher Is. Beach (small lease area, not Aboriginal Reserve) S-16.103519 E124.063851  
36 Beach Kingfisher Is. sthn Beach S-16.116606 E124.067833  
37 Beach Traverse Is. (1) S-16.232119 E124.084123  
38 Beach Traverse Is. (2) S-16.232431 E124.115967  
39 Beach Lizard Is. (Shell Beach) S-15.933003 E124.421777 *
40 Freshwater Picnic Creek S-15.892265 E124.623567 *
41 Freshwater George Water (1) Creek S-15.851588 E124.712568 *
42 Freshwater Geroge Water (2) Creek (incl. falls) S-15.768015 E124.720154 *
43 Historic Coffee Royal Site (Kingsford Smith Landing 1929) S-15.623520 E124.723687 *
44 Freshwater Glenelg Creek S-15.675750 E124.801158 *
45 Cultural Wijingarra Bard Bard (Fresh Water Cove) (only accessible when accompanied by an authorised Traditional Owner guide) S-15.811088 E124.410743 *
46 Cultural Langgi (only accessible when accompanied by an authorised Traditional Owner guide) S-15.757715 E124.400297 *
47 Beach Djarrawoda S-15.706411 E124.401220 *
48 Beach Hall Point (south) S-15.678712 E124.380843 *
49 Beach Hall Point (north) S-15.670015 E124.386884 *
50 Beach Nth Djarworrada Beach S-15.685913 E124.3942 *
51 Freshwater Deception Creek S-15.605755 E124.458341 *
52 Beach Wilson Point S-15.547448 E124.437826 *
53 Freshwater Sampson Inlet S-15.527771 E124.507351 *
54 Beach Kannamatju Is. S-15.453733 E124.494997 *
55 Historic Sheep Island Cemetery S-15.488830 E124.61435 *
56 Historic Camden Harbour Settlement (1864-5) S-15.488932 E124.628438 *
57 Freshwater Augustus Falls S-15.507304 E124.680259 *
58 Freshwater Jarrigaaru (The Gutter) S-15.452844 E124.684622 *
59 Historic Kunmunya (Norgor) Landing S-15.414230 E124.68787 *
60 Historic Kunmunya Mission Ruins S-15.445229 E124.710162 *
61 Historic Ming-gunya (Port George IV Mission Ruins) S-15.362845 E124.749046 *
62 Historic Hiro Bay Pearling Camp Ruins S-15.366894 E124.474616 *
63 Historic Nyumbaraguj (Degerando Lighthouse)(on a small lease, not Aboriginal Reserve) S-15.336717 E124.193300  
64 Historic Nimaamba (WWII LORAN radar base) -15.283497 124.276311 *
65 Beach Jungulu Is. (wstn beach) S-15.269316 E124.417819 *
66 Beach Etisus Is. S-15.242975 E124.423944 *
67 Beach Junulgu Is. S-15.259235 E124.445540 *
68 Beach High Bluff Beaches S-15.290811 E124.678216 *
69 Beach High Bluff (north) S-15.278087 E124.70253 *
70 Beach Hanover Bay S-15.315032 E124.779558 *
71 Beach Uwins Is. S-15.275905 E124.795299 *
72 Beach St Patrick Is. S-15.357295 E124.966605 *
73 Beach St George Basin S-15.421521 E124.979930 *
74 Freshwater Banjaddoo (Camp Creek Falls) S-15.588372 E125.183624 *
75 Cultural Banjaddoo (rock art) S-15.590568 E125.186307 *

Special Arrangements

Whilst it is expected that the majority of visitors will be adequately covered by the above process, some visitors may wish to access areas not on the Visitor Location Schedule. Some examples may be helicopter companies, bushwalkers, or commercial vessel operators who want to offer their passengers a different experience to other companies. Visitors can complete a 'Special Arrangement Request Form' to enable consultation to occur between DAC, the relevant Traditional Owners and the applicant, prior to the applicant submitting the online DAA application. If a Special Arrangement has been agreed, the applicant can then submit an online DAA application as outlined above, and DAC will notify DAA that the applicant has approval to access areas (and any conditions) in addition to the Visitor Location Schedule. The default position is that no Special Arrangements exist with any party unless otherwise confirmed in writing by DAC.