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We hope you enjoy your visit – and we ask you to respect our culture

One of the most celebrated and respected Dambimangari Elders, artist Donny Woolagoodja welcoming visitors to Dambimangari country.

Photographs in this section courtesy Pamela Jennings, PMJ Tourism Solutions.

Dambimangari country - the homeland of Dambimangari Traditional Owners for more than 40,000 years - is a remote and spectacular place. Rich in natural and cultural values, the rugged coastal region is included on Australia’s National Heritage list. As Dambimangari Traditional Owners, we welcome visitors to our country, but we ask everyone to follow the straightforward rules and a code of conduct outlined on this website. These legally enforceable rules and processes have been designed to ensure that visitors are safe and respectful to our culture and environment.

What to do

Planning your visit

The site Requirements for a visit Links and documents
Anywhere on Kunmunya or Wotjulum Aboriginal Reserves Requires a permit issued by the Department of Aboriginal Affairs (which will refer the application to Dambimangari Aboriginal Corporation) Visiting Aboriginal Reserves (Kunmunya or Wotjulum)
Visitor Location Schedule (Approved places to visit) Sites where visitors are welcome to visit once they have a permit to enter Aboriginal Reserves, visitors are expected to observe the visiting Dambimangari Country Code of Conduct Visitor Location Schedule also visitorspass@dambimangari.com.au
Sites not on Visitor Location Schedule Complete a special arrangement request form available on-line from this web site. This needs to be completed prior to applying to DAA for your permit. Special arrangement forms
National Parks or Marine Parks Contact the Department of Parks and Wildlife for more information. https://parks.dpaw.wa.gov.au/park/lalang-garramcamden-sound
Military Training Area Generally restricted to defence personnel.  
Yampi Sound Training Area Visits to the Yampi Sound Training Area are not permitted without prior approval. Access is strictly controlled and generally restricted to military personnel, environmental science teams and Traditional Owners Yampi Sound Training Area access request form

Dambimangari Traditional Owners acknowledge that not all visitors may have previously been aware of the existing rules in relation to accessing different locations in Dambimangari country.

A Dambimangari visitor permission system is currently being developed for exclusive possession native title lands, including the areas identified as Unreserved Crown Land shaded yellow on the map. Please keep an eye on this website to stay informed of future permission requirements.

Dambimangari Aboriginal Corporation encourages all visitors to utilise the services of a Traditional Owner guide when visiting Dambimangari country. Presently, guiding services are available from Dambimangari Traditional Tours, with more Traditional Owner tourism business expected to be established in the future.

EMAIL CONTACT: visitorspass@dambimangari.com.au

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