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Access to Yampi Sound Training Area

Dambimangari Rangers are working with the Australian Department of Defence and the Australian Wildlife Conservancy to preserve the Yampi Sound Training Area (YSTA).

Traditional Dambimangari Country, including the YSTA is home to some of Australia’s most spectacular environmental and heritage locations.

The YSTA is also declared as a Defence Practice Area for military manoeuvres and live fire of explosive munitions.

As part of the management program to protect the safety of people in the Kimberley and the health of the country, access to the training area is strictly controlled.

Under the measures in place, authorised military personnel, environmental science teams and Traditional Owners will be able to secure approval to access the sites by lodging formal applications. However, tourists and holidaymakers with no traditional links to the country will be unlikely to get approval to visit.     

A PDF of the application form (below) for non-military purposes can be downloaded or printed from this site.

The request should be endorsed by the DAC CEO and submitted at least two weeks prior to the intended date of access.

Approval will depend on defence or contractor activities planned at the time and the intended reason for the visit.

If the request is accepted, approval will be forwarded to the applicant or nominated team leader. This might include additional “special conditions and restrictions”.

Access request form